Environmental & Stormwater

Surface Water Master Planning

Whether it is a single or multiple watershed analysis, we have the experience and expertise to provide the needed master plan. Master planning provides a look at the big picture of a watershed. It begins with the physical properties of boundary, ground elevations, right-of-ways, easements, ground cover, flow characteristics and continues with calculated capacities for conveying and treating runoff and finishing with proposed improvements.

Hydrologic, Hydraulic & Water Quality Modeling

LEA has modeling experience on a wide range of projects. Our experience helps identify the needs and provide the services required for each individual project. We can utilize spreadsheet calculation for relatively small projects. For larger projects we are able to utilize complex multi-faceted models to answer a wide variety of questions from permitting agencies.


Federal, State, and Local Surface Water Permitting

LEA works with local, state, and federal permitting agencies on a wide range of projects on a daily basis. Our experience ranges from small projects to large developments and virtually everything in between. Our continual contact with agency staff and their permitting processes allows us to stay up to date on any permitting changes that might occur.

For more information about the civil engineering and site planning process, contact us at 352.690.9551 in Ocala, Florida.